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Beginning my career with a B.A. in public relations and a minor in psychology, I interned at multiple agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area before becoming a full-time copywriter. After working in the marketing industry for three years, I realized that in order to truly be fulfilled, I needed to find a new way to serve others. A naturally empathetic and intuitive person, I felt like only half of my skills were being utilized on a daily basis. 

While deciding between therapy and life coaching, I realized that life coaching was the best choice for me as I have always been passionate about self-improvement. Soon after, I enrolled at The Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, CA and began working towards my certification.

In addition to life coaching, I also write on a freelance basis. Specializing in lifestyle topics, I love to tap into my passion for health, wellness, spirituality and self-improvement any chance I get. When Iā€™m not coaching clients or freelance writing, you can find me working on my next book or recording a new episode of my podcast, freebird radio.