I just graduated…

Now what?

Growing your career, staying in shape, making friends outside of the classroom. These are just some of the things you’re expected to do after you’re handed your diploma and escorted off the stage. For a brief moment, you feel as free as a bird. However, within a few seconds, days, or weeks, you find yourself completely clueless of what to do next.


As someone who has changed jobs multiple times; moved 20 hours away from her boyfriend, family and friends; and encountered a variety of health issues just a couple of years after graduation, I’m now dedicating my time to helping graduates build their ideal post-college life. Because regardless of who you are, we all deserve to live a fulfilling life. However, before that can happen, we must first define what a fulfilling life means to us. Want to work with me but still not sure if my services fit your needs? Schedule a free 30-minute Introductory Call.